NVE Launches NVE Launches Isolated Data Couplers with Integrated DC-DC Convertors

NVE has launched the new IL76xxVE line of isolated data couplers with integrated DC-to-DC convertors. The new parts are based on the revolutionary IsoLoop® DC-to-DC convertor technology first introduced in the ILDC11xxx stand-alone DC-to-DC converters. Key IL76xxVE features include: 250 mW 3.3-to-3.3 volt DC-to-DC convertor 110 Mbps data rate 1 mVp-p DC-to-DC output ripple -40…

Download it! SPICE Models for X2Y EMI Filters and Power Bypass Products

SPICE models for Johanson Dielectric’s X2Y series of components are available for download. This contains specific SPICE models for both components when used in EMI Filtering or Power Bypass applications and two illustrative explanations. SPICE models allow circuit designers to run circuit simulations prior to the actual production of hardware, which is a frequent request…

New! Johanson Band Pass Filter Family Extended!

Johanson has extended the product family of 5G Cellular Band Pass Filters with the addition of n77 and n79. These new series of low profile (0.35mm max.) high attenuation Band Pass Filters are specially designed for modules and platforms where thickness or height comes at a premium. These EIA 0603 (Metric 1608) SMD components offer…

Johanson’s EMI Filter Featured in “Microwaves & RF” Magazine

Check out the article in “Microwaves & RF” regarding how Johanson’s advanced EMI Filters can help cut the costs on brush DC motors. Microwaves & RF provides information and resources for its audience of a specialist in high-frequency electronic design. Read the article


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