60W PoE made easy: Silvertel launch IEEE802.3bt Power over Ethernet Module for the Powered Device

Silvertel announces the launch of the IEEE 802.3bt compliant Ag5810 PD (Powered Device) module, to cement their position as the leader in embedded Power over Ethernet (PoE) solutions. Aimed at developers of Ethernet equipment requiring up to 60W of power, such as LED lighting, PTZ cameras, WiMAX access points, door entry systems, digital signage and…

Official ANZ Distributor and Rep for Johanson

Johanson Dielectrics Inc and Johanson Technology Inc have appointed Fairmont Marketing as their authorized for Australia and New Zealand. Johanson manufacture Standard and High Voltage SMT Ceramic Capacitors, standard & custom High Voltage & High Capacitance value Ceramic Capacitors, Antennas, Baluns, Balun-Filters, Low Pass Filters, Couplers, Diplexers and Inductors etc

Silvertel wins the 2018 Wales Technology Awards

Over the last three years, the company has experienced dramatic growth in every overseas operating territory including: China, USA, Australia, Italy, Russia and Japan. The company’s strengths in technological innovation have seen it become the only company in the UK designing its particular product range of Power over Ethernet (POE) modules, and it is seen…

Official ANZ distributor for Everspin Technologies

Fairmont Marketing is pleased to announce that they are now an official ANZ distributor for Everspin Technologies Everspin Technologies is the leading provider of Magnetoresistive RAM (MRAM) solutions. Everspin’s MRAM solutions offer the persistence of non-volatile memory with the speed and endurance of random access memory (RAM), and enable the protection of mission critical…


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