With the evolution of next generation of low-power wireless IoT devices, Johanson Technology has developed an Integrated Passive Device (IPD) for Semtech’s LoRa® transceivers SX1261, SX1262 and LLCC68. The design goal is to provide exceptional radio frequency (RF) signal range and stability, while also complying with ETSI (868MHz) and FCC (902-928MHz) regulations. Our new part number, 0900FM15K0039, pairs seamlessly with the LoRa chipset, replacing 12 capacitors and inductors (from alternative reference design). With this device, the front end matching, balun, and filter network are embedded in a single EIA 0805 (2.0mm x 1.25mm) Surface Mount Component (SMD), reducing the PCB effective used area by 65%. This device is temperature stable and cost effective with the goal of fast tracking products to market and at the same time reducing risk in the OEM’s integration projects.

A detailed Application Note (AN101) with measured 868 and 915MHz output power results, design implementation, and layout guidance can be found here
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