Founded in 1997, Silvertel is based out of the UK and is an industry-leading supplier for IoT and smart solutions. Silvertel’s innovative portfolio includes a wide range of products like Power over Ethernet (PoE) modules, LED driver modules, DC/DC converters, and battery charging controllers that support applications in connected devices, commercial electronic products, security systems, telecoms, and more. Their recently released Ag7010 High Efficiency Point of Load (PoL) Buck Converter Module (Figure 1) operates over a broad input voltage range and can achieve greater than 97% efficiency. Additionally, Silvertel supplies the EvalAg7010 evaluation board to support simple testing and evaluation of the Ag7010.

Ag7010 Key Features
• >97% efficient DC/DC converter
• PMBus enabled
• Wide input voltage range 8V-24V
• 3V-12.7V output voltage
• Very low heat output
• Low output ripple & noise
• Configurable UVLO, OVLO
• Overload, Short-circuit, & thermal protection
• Low profile SMT package size – 37.4mm (L) x 14.4mm (H)
• Minimal external components required

Ag7010 Applications
As a next-generation low noise DC/DC buck converter with integrated PMBus commands through I2C, the Ag7010 is an ideal solution in a wide variety of USB-C converter applications including:
• USB Powered Devices (PD)
• Apple Lightening
• Intel Thunderbolt
• Distributed Power Systems

Developing with Silvertel’s EvalAg7010
Silvertel’s EvalAg7010 is an ideal solution for convenient testing and evaluation of their Ag7010 High Power PoL DC/DC module. The EvalAg7010 can be supplied via banana connectors or USB-C to J1, J2 & 3, or J8 respectively. The EvalAg7010 provides outputs to base wire or banana connectors, J4, or J5 & 6.
The EvalAg7010 kit contains:
• EvalAg7010 Evaluation Board
• Ag7010 soldered to Evaluation board
• I2C Controller
• USB-C Source

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