Silvertel introduces its newest addition to the product portfolio, the Ag210 PoE-enabled High Power LED Driver Module. The Ag210 is aimed specifically at Smart Lighting applications and provides a hardware configurable constant current, 40W power output. Configured as a fixed Type 3, Class 6 Powered Device, the Ag210 complies with the latest IEEE PoE Standard, 802.3bt, transferring higher power over all 4 pairs of a Cat 5e/Cat 6a cable. The Ag210 is available in a dual-in-line format package measuring 51mm (L) x 30mm (W) providing a compact, feature-rich device, requiring very few external components. A high-efficiency DC-to-DC converter delivers a regulated output with built-in short-circuit and over-voltage protection. Additionally, the module also has an Auxiliary supply output, configurable between 5-12V, which can be used to power a lighting controller. The Ag210 provides identification and signature control circuitry required to support PoE functionality. The module also incorporates an I2C user interface with which to gain access to features commonly used in Smart Lighting applications such as, Dimming Control, Brightness on Power-on, 15 user-defined dimming levels for scene-setting, the ability to program the I2C address and a second address for “Broadcast” commands to multiple drivers and read-back of PoE classification. The Ag210’s ease of integration and its simplicity to the program makes this module an ideal choice for designers and system integrators looking to get the most out of their LED lighting solution.
Full series launch planned for Q1/20.

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