Compatible with the Qi 1.2 Extended Power Profile protocol, the Ag321T wireless charging transmitter module offers a complete solution. With just an external coil required – integration has never been so straightforward.

Designed to work with a 15W Qi-compliant receiver and providing backwards compatibility with any other 5W Qi-compliant receiver, typically in a wireless charging application or where cable access is prohibited or unavailable. Ag321T is perfect for use in clean environments, ie. sterile applications, or where water, chemical or dust ingress is not allowed or where exposure to hazardous environments might endanger life such as a risk of electric shock or explosion.

The increasing prevalence of wireless charging in medical, consumer, industrial and military equipment has facilitated a large number of applications, however adding wireless charging to a product can be complicated – which is a challenge easily overcome with Ag321T. Typical applications will include charging docks/pads for automotive, personal hygiene equipment, tablets and handheld medical devices, or manufacturers of furniture seeking to add a wireless charging pad such as nightstands, home theatre seating and coffee shop tables.

Designed and manufactured in the UK, the Ag321T from Silvertel enhances their Wireless Power module range which includes 5W Qi-compliant Transmitters and Receiver modules.

The Ag321T also supports low baud rate data transmission (9600 bps) and provides status outputs to interrogate the operational condition of the module, for example, whether charging is in progress or complete. An additional “Buzzer” output provides an indication of when power transfer to the Receiver has started.

Requiring just a few low-cost external components, Silvertel has provided another product which is a low cost, easy to use and occupies a minimum of PCB real estate. Evaluation boards are also available, as well as a range of application notes, backed by Silvertel’s class-leading technical support team.

Ag321T complements Silvertel’s growing portfolio of Wireless Power modules for both the Tx and Rx.

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