With the demand increasing for high-speed broadband connectivity in industrial, medical, HD wireless streaming, and gaming applications; wireless routers, access points, and gateways have become key transport elements supporting multi-band WiFi 6E WLAN, IEEE 802.11ax protocols. Johanson Technology has announced its latest triband combo Diplexer ceramic solution with operational bands: 2.4-2.5GHz, 4.9/5.1-5.85GHz, and 6.1-7.2GHz. This cost-effective, miniature EIA 0603 (1608 Metric) device utilizes a Low Pass Filter / Band Pass Filter filtering scheme splitting the 2.4 and 6GHz bands offering low insertion loss reaching less than 1dB typ. at extreme environmental conditions.

Automotive AEC-Q200 versions are available upon request.

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