Johanson’s EMI Filter Featured in “Microwaves & RF” Magazine

Check out the article in “Microwaves & RF” regarding how Johanson’s advanced EMI Filters can help cut the costs on brush DC motors. Microwaves & RF provides information and resources for its audience of a specialist in high-frequency electronic design. Read the article

New! Multi- Constellation Embedded Antenna

The need for signal reception of more than one satellite system has become standard practice. As a response to this, Johanson Technology has developed a surface mount (SMT) Antenna that operates from 1560 to 1605MHz. This means, our newest Chip Antenna, p/n 1582AT54A0045 can function at GPS, GLONASS (GNSS), BeiDou (BDS), and Galileo. New navigation…

New! WiFi6 Band Pass Filter

In order to bring greater speeds, a larger number of devices connected at once, and better communications efficiency, next-generation WiFi-6 (IEEE 802.11ax) has become the answer. Short-range, latency-sensitive devices that use these new family of wireless Wi-Fi RF chipsets will require proper filtering for optimum FCC/ETSI compliance in a small footprint. As a solution to…

Silvertel Ag6120 range of PoE PSE modules

The Ag6120 is the latest addition to Silvertel’s range of PoE PSE modules. The Ag6120 is compliant to IEEE802.3af, .at and .bt standards and is available as a compact single-in-line device measuring 53mm (L) x 14mm (H). The Ag6120 is a pin-compatible device to the existing Ag6100 and Ag6110 PSE modules, which has been optimised…


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