The Ag6120 is the latest addition to Silvertel’s range of PoE PSE modules. The Ag6120 is compliant to IEEE802.3af, .at and .bt standards and is available as a compact single-in-line device measuring 53mm (L) x 14mm (H). The Ag6120 is a pin-compatible device to the existing Ag6100 and Ag6110 PSE modules, which has been optimised and improved to provide compliance to the new .bt PoE standard (whilst being compatible with previous versions of the standard) for a single port, 2-pair operation up to 30W. The Ag6120 can be hardware configured to supply different power levels up to 75W for Ultra PoE applications, by simply connecting a resistor between lead-frame pins. The device is fully compatible with Silvertel’s PD product range including the new .bt compliant devices, Ag5800 and Ag5810. The module incorporates over-current and short-circuits protection, requiring very few external components and is ideal for space-constrained applications. Typical applications for this module include CCTV DVR, home networking and Industrial Ethernet equipment.
Full series launch planned for Q2/20

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