The Ag201 module from Silvertel is a versatile, low-voltage DC input LED driver module. The flexible, feature-rich product is delivered in a tiny package.

Multiple values of programmable constant current output allow connection with a variety of LEDs. The module’s buck-boost DC-DC converter topology means the input voltage can be either higher or lower than the string (output) voltage, allowing for ease of design with a wide range of DC input voltage and LEDs.

Flexible communications arrangements are built in with options of both I2C and DALI. The simple addition of an external program resistor sets the module output current from the preset range. Minimal additional components are required to complete the design.

All this functionality is delivered in a package measuring 56 x 14 x 10 mm. The product has been designed as an easy-to-program modular solution that is simple to design into a variety of applications by virtue of its wide input range and flexible output current capabilities.