Fairmont Marketing is pleased to announce that they are now an official ANZ distributor for GigaDevice – www.gigadevice.com

GigaDevice produces a wide range of SPI NOR Flash, SPI NAND Flash and ARM Cortex M3 MCU’s for use in embedded, consumers electronics, industrial, telecoms and security products.

SPI NOR Flash is offered in 3.0v, 2.5v & 1.8v with density’s ranging from 512Kb to 512Mb.

SPI NAND Flash is offered in 3.0v and 1.8v with density’s from 512Mb to 8Gb

The GD32 MCU series incorporates a 32bit ARM Cortex M3 processor core operating up to 108Mhz along with 3024KB on chip Flash and up to 96KB SRAM with an extensive range of enhanced I/O’s and peripheral connected to two APB buses.